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“I had a triple homicide last night, with three homeless victims with no ID.  I left the scene about 7:45 PM, and had all three ID’d be 8:30.  This is huge, since it was on the news, and countless concerned people with homeless friends and relatives have been calling our office.  It’s tremendously helpful to put their minds at ease that the person they’re inquiring about is not a victim.  It also saves our staff from having to collect information on a potential next-of-kin, that ends up not having any bearing on the case.” Harris Neil, Denver Office of the Medical Examiner

FingerSCAN DecedentID - a mobile application that was designed for Medical Examiners, Coroners and Emergency Responders to capture and share fingerprint images from decedents for "in-field" or "in-morgue" identification and case reporting purposes. This app also creates a Decedent fingerprint card that can be easily imported into users' case reporting software and shared with your identification unit.


Register for an agency account to start your agency trial. Requires the IdentiFi-45 WiFi fingerprint scanner to use the full-features of this cross-platform app. You can purchase this scanner from WoVoIS. Please use the form below or email to purchase a solution bundle and/or to discuss starting an agency trial.

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