Have you been instructed to get ink fingerprints on a fingerprint card that you can send out of state or to a regulating agency other than the Colorado Bureau of Investigation (CBI)?  


If your answer is no, you will need to schedule a fingerprinting appointment with IdentoGo.


If your answer is yes, we can help you. We provide fingerprinting services in the Denver metro area and beyond. Mobile is best for groups of people that need to be fingerprinted on the same day at your business location or for individuals that don't mind paying a premium for onsite fingerprinting services. If you are local to Denver Metro area and want to save yourself some money, you are welcomed to be fingerprinted in Arvada.


Our fingerprinting specialist can provide ink fingerprinting services or digital fingerprinting service. Ink means we roll your fingers on specialized ink pad and place your prints on a fingerprint card. Digital means we capture your prints using a computerized fingerprinting solution and then transfer your digital fingerprint record to a physical fingerprint card.


If we capture your fingerprint record electronically, we will give you the option to archive it with a subscription or delete it permanently.

We are very flexible in terms of service and provide discounts to students and veterans. We can service groups at a fingerprinting event at your business or school. Contact us to learn more about ways we can help you. Sponsored fingerprinting events can drive business to your location.

Local Service Area

Denver Metro

"Kathleen with WoVoIS has been a wonderful asset to us. Gathering fingerprints for busy executives has always been a challenge for us, but Kathleen makes it so easy. She's reliable, flexible and very knowledgeable about her business and thus able to answer all of our questions. Best of all, she makes the fingerprinting process painless. I highly recommend Kathleen for all of your fingerprinting needs!" - Courtney Mowry - CraftWorks Holdings

Who Can WoVoIS fingerprint?


  • Any person that needs to send fingerprint cards out of state. Ideal for busy professionals and out of state board members or officers attending meetings in Colorado.


  • Any person who needs a national background check (FBI only).​


  • CMS regulated Medicare providers.

  • Anyone that needs to submit fingerprint cards to a regulating agency other than to the Colorado Bureau of Investigation.

  • Any family that wants to create ID cards with fingerprint images, emergency contact info and photos for their family members.

  • Children attending a ChildID fingerprinting event with their parent(s).

We Offer Notary Services Too

We offer notary services to our fingerprinting customers at the standard rate of $5.00 per signature. Travel fees apply. (See below for travel fee rates.) Please Contact Us if you only need notary services. We provide notary only services on a case by case basis.

Fingerprinting Pricing Menu 


Standard Service: $30 fingerprint rolling fee (ink or inkless and includes 1 card) - call or text 303.601.0057 to schedule an appointment.


Mobile Service: add $2/round-trip travel mile to the Standard Service. Service to Arvada customers is a flat $25 mobile fee plus the fingerprinting services fees.

Additional Cards: $10.00 per additional cards regardless of whether we provide the cards or you provide the cards.

Archiving Subscription: $50/year archiving service authorizes us to save your digital record for your future use in case you need more cards. Additional cards are $10.00/card. (You must first establish a digital fingerprint record with us via the standard service or mobile service.)

Payment of Services: We accept cash, credit card and corporate check. (No personal checks are accepted.)