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IdentiFi-45 WiFi Scanner



Watson Mini



FingerSCAN ePrintsID is a mobile application that was designed for crime scene investigators for use in elimination fingerprinting. District and County Investigators can also use this app to fingerprint defendants prior to attending court to match against prints kept on file for identity verification purposes.

FingerSCAN ePrintsID can be used to create elimination fingerprint cards if the user has a compatible fingerprint scanner and agency user account with our cross-platform transaction server. Without these your use of FingerSCAN ePrintsID will be limited. Unrestricted use will include the following features and benefits.



  • Certification - FBI IQS FAP 45 PIV Appendix F rated.

  • Auto-Progression - automatically progress to next finger.

  • Easy Navigation - clear navigation prompts.

  • Auto Generation of an Elimination Fingerprint Card - no ink, no copy & paste - just automatic generation of fingerprint records and images you can share via email and Secure FTP.

  • Auto Save - app automatically saves at any point of unexpected stop to prevent loss of data allowing progression at point of failure

  • Easy Edit - if you captured minimal information in the field, you can easily add demographics and and fingerprint images to your saved record later.

  • Small Form Factor - The Watson Mini Fingerprint scanner size is 2.5" x 2.4" x .5" and the IdentiFi-45 WiFi scanner size is 2 3/4" x 3 3/4" x 1 1/2".

  • SFTP Support - Share files using our Secure File Transfer Protocol.

  • Operating Systems - Android and iOS



  • No messy ink

  • Simple process

  • Rapid identification in the field

  • Low cost 

  • Easy to import into Case Reporting Software

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