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Biometric Access Control


The bList is an affordable (NO MONTHLY FEES) and simple to use biometric-enabled solution that can be used to make your accounting and tracking of individual access to people, places, events and benefits more efficient and accurate. This software can be used to quickly register, identify and track individuals using their fingerprint as the user identification credential. This solution is ideal for:


  • Regulated Customers (example: donors, pain medication patients, tanning salon customers, court mandated testing participants, etc.)

  • Employees & Temporary Workers (time and attendance)

  • Visitors & Guests (any)

  • Members (gym, drivers ed, valued customer, event attendees)

  • Children (daycare centers, churches, after school programs, schools, drop-in childcare, camps, etc.)

  • Patients (clinics, home healthcare, etc.)


The bList was created for small business owners and small offices, but can easily scale up for use in larger venues and client-server based deployments. 



  • Audit Logging & Reports

  • Event Notification via email and txt

  • Data Import & Export from .CSV, .TXT, .XLS and .XLSX formats

  • Configurable & Custom Fields

  • Picture, Text and Biometric Registration

  • Two-Factor Authentication

  • Badge Printer, Barcode Scanner, Fingerprint Scanner and Web Cam support

  • Multiple Roles

  • Popup Notes

  • Attended or Unattended (Kiosk) modes

  • Runs on Windows 7 and 8.1



  • Easily manage who has authorized access to your building, rooms or events. 

  • Simplifies checkin compliance.

  • Reduce loss and fraud due to inadequate or inaccurate time and attendance accounting methods.

  • Import time and date of individual checkin/checkout activities into most accounting systems.

  • Increase safety and security through rapid event notification.

Livescan Fingerprinting Technology Experts

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