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WoVo Identification Services


ACCEPTING NEW APPOINTMENTS IN ARVADA & DENVER METRO BEGINNING MARCH 13TH THRU APRIL 14TH - Text 303.601.0057 to request an appointment after reading  the information below.

Who We Serve

OUT-OF-STATE FINGERPRINTING SERVICES: Ink and Electronic with Print-to-Card Fingerprinting services are provided to people that need to send their fingerprint records to an authority that runs fingerprint background checks in other states, agencies, and through the FBI.



If you need a Colorado fingerprint background check, you will need to schedule an appointment online with IdentoGo or Colorado Fingerprinting as they have an exclusive contract with the State of Colorado for electronic submission of fingerprint records to CBI. If you physically cannot travel to IdentoGo or Colorado Fingerprinting location and need a mobile fingerprinting service provider, WoVoIS can help you.


WoVoIS can sign any document that you need to have notarized as long as you have a valid identification document (US Driver's license, US State ID, or active Passport.

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Courtney Mowry

"Kathleen with WoVoIS has been a wonderful asset to us. Gathering fingerprints for busy executives has always been a challenge for us, but Kathleen makes it so easy. She's reliable, flexible and very knowledgeable about her business and thus able to answer all of our questions. Best of all, she makes the fingerprinting process painless. I highly recommend Kathleen for all of your fingerprinting needs!" - Courtney Mowry - CraftWorks Holdings

What Our Clients Say

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