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WoVo Identity Solutions  serves small business owners, police departments, sheriff offices, schools, universities, airports, security companies, government and non-government agencies, military branches, individuals and many more types of customers find the perfect fingerprinting solution or service for them.  We are an authority on livescan solutions for every state and confident that we can help you find what you are looking for! Wanna skip navigation?  Send Questions

NEW: Do you need to add or replace your Colorado livescan system? We have a newly certified vendor that we recommend.

COVID STATEMENT: WoVo Identity Solutions takes COVID-related precautions where in-person contact is needed. For in-person contact, masks are required (the fingerprint technician will wear a mask and we require those needing to be fingerprinted to wear a mask too). All hardware is sanitized in front of our customers to ensure they are comfortable with our services.