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Today is National Human Trafficking Awareness Day

Human trafficking is, as Ashton Kutcher calls it, "Modern Day Slavery". Slavery in any form should have no place in our world and anyone who enslaves innocent children are the enemy of all civilized people worldwide. The National Human Trafficking Awareness Day is meant to raise awareness of this cruel reality and call to action efforts to restore all people to freedom with dignity and justice.

WoVoIS, as a member of the identification industry, wants to help by shining a light on organizations that we are aware of that are doing some really great work to combat human trafficking. Please visit to get involved and to put an end to modern day slavery. We would like to invite you to add comments with additional links to organizations that are working to combat human trafficking. Let's put an end to modern day slavery!

Vets for Child Rescue (V4CR) promotes education and awareness of child sex trafficking to help protect children and communities. It also teams with law enforcement to engage in identification and prosecution of perpetrators.

Thorn joins forces with the sharpest minds from tech, non-profit, government and law enforcement to stop the spread of child sexual abuse and to stand up to child traffickers.

iEmpathize programs and partnerships result in the creation of safety plans for thousands of youth, the recovery of survivors and the prosecution of perpetrators.

Operation Underground Railroad works with law enforcement on extraction and recovery efforts to bring an end to child slavery. Once victims are rescued, perpetrators are prosecuted and recovery and rehabilitation services for survivors are provided.

The Polaris Project systematically disrupt human trafficking networks that rob human beings of their lives and their freedom. Polaris helps survivors restore their freedom, prevents more victimization by leveraging data and technology to pursue traffickers wherever they are.

The Grace Network is working to combat human trafficking in California. They have a model program that is working well to be duplicated nationwide. This network formed in 2009 and is currently working to equip and empower communities to holistically address trafficking and exploitation.

National Human Trafficking Hotline compiles and uses the data it collects to help human trafficking victims and survivors and to provide the anti-trafficking field with information to help combat all forms of human trafficking.

Please support these organizations. Human trafficking is a real problem. Most of the worldwide human trafficking is occurring in the United States through cross border trafficking. WE MUST STOP THE DEMAND BY IDENTIFYING THE CHAIN OF CUSTODY FROM SOURCE TO CLIENT. This nationwide day of awareness must shine a light on US monsters that feed the demand for human trafficking.

Please contribute to this post and share it.

#humantrafficking #sextrafficking #childtrafficking #moderndayslavery

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