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Introducing the World's 1st Elimination Fingerprinting Solution that runs on Android Smartphones

We have another 1st based on industry demand for a better way to fingerprint known individuals affiliated with a crime scene. The purpose of fingerprinting these individuals is to try to separate known prints from unknown prints at a crime scene in order to identify a potential perpetrator.

The process previously employed was to have the known individuals visit a local police department to be ink fingerprinted. FingerSCAN ePrintsID allows crime scene investigators to capture prints electronically at the crime scene without touching the known individual who may be traumatized. Capturing prints at the crime scene can expedite the investigation process and also reduce stress, mess, travel and other negatives associated with ink fingerprinting.

FingerSCAN ePrintsID not only captures electronic fingerprint images, but also demographic details and it automatically creates an Elimination fingerprint card.

Here is a link to a video that provides an overview of how this application works.

WoVo Identity Solutions heard the need from investigators and produced the solution again. Please download FingerSCAN ePrintsID from the Google Play Store for a free trial. You will need the Watson Mini fingerprint scanner to fingerprint people. You can buy this from WoVo Identity Solutions and other scanner suppliers.

Please email us with any questions you have. We are always happy to help you.

#eliminationfingerprinting #latentprints

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