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Extreme Vetting - What does it mean?

Extreme Vetting is a phrase that the now President Trump has spoken about repeatedly without describing what extreme vetting entails. I will attempt to break it down based upon several means that are available to vet individuals into a country, job, or otherwise. I will share information about past vetting practices and what I believe the new practices should include.

A Look At How Syrian Refugees Were Vetted Before Trump as an example:

- Multiple interviews

- Iris scan to establish identity

- U.N. Referral

- DHS background check (no specifics provided)


Problems With This Type of Vetting:

- The human element is subject to bribe to get bad actors into the United States.

- Iris scan technology is not ubiquitous (not widespread yet, but growing)

- U.N. Referral subject to bribe.

- DHS background check is non-specific.

What Should Extreme Vetting Include?

- Multiple interviews with family, friends, employers, other...

- Multi-biometric scans (Iris, Fingerprint and Face) to establish identity and check against our existing databases here in the United States) Iris and Face are less prolific databases. Fingerprint databases are more prolific and MUST be used for the purposes of extreme vetting.

- Stop U.N. referral. This is too subject to influence, corruption and risk to US citizens.

- Local US Sponsor. This may not be possible, but for those who it is possible, it may present an expedited path for those being vetted as long as their sponsor has been properly vetted.

- DHS background check should be more specific to publicly deter bad actors from trying to enter our county. At the very least, they should publicly publish full vetting information to deter those who would try to game the US vetting process. At this time, we are already seeing Central Americans seeking other places to go to as a result of media reports about President Trump's vetting policies. So sharing these policies offers and additional means to prevent the number of bad actors entering our country based on past policies.

- Add extreme consequences to (US and non- US) officials and people who are found trying to game US extreme vetting practices. Why is this important? Our next generation.

My next post will be about our children in the US and why our new immigration policy should be in lock step with the protection of our children.

#ExtremeVetting #USImmigration

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