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2 Fingerprinting Options for Transportation Security Clearinghouse

The Transportation Security Clearinghouse (TSC) is a background screening channeling facility that transmits electronic fingerprint records to the TSA and ultimately the FBI for background screening (Criminal History Record Check or CHRC) purposes. Most airports and airlines have an account with the TSC already. What I have recently discovered is that the requirements for TWIC are different than most CHRC requirements. What I also know is that the TSC recommends adherence to the fingerprints required to meet TWIC requirements. This is good news for Port Authorities and Carriers as it means the fingerprinting process is much faster, meaning you only need to capture slap (4-4-2) images in three scans. Fortunately, there are options to do both slaps and rolls if that is what your airport or carrier chooses to do.

Option 1: 4-4-2 Option means that you capture only the slap fingerprint images in three scans. It is much faster and the images get segmented automatically. The segmented images do not show full rolls so the number of minutiae points are less than what one would achieve with a full roll.

Option 2: Full capture means that you capture slaps for 4-4-2 and rolls nailbed to nailbed for all ten fingers.

The jury is out on whether or not there is a benefit on one over the other for the transportation industry. I would lean toward the latter option given that the FBI historically chooses larger scanning surfaces over smaller scanning surfaces (FAP 30 vs FAP 10 and FAP 60 vs FAP 45) in an effort to garner as many minutiae points (specific points in a fingerprint image, known as ridge endings, arches, loops, whorls and bifurcations) as possible to increase the ability to quickly and accurately identify threats with as little question as possible when time matters. In an era where terrorism exists on American soil, I would recommend full fingerprint capture (slaps and rolls). It costs nothing extra except a little extra scan time. Probably worth it to increase security. My company offers both options depending on customer requirements.

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