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WoVoIS Identifies Gaps in Airport/Airline Security Vetting Requirements

It would seem that TSA is greatly missing the mark on regulation that requires Airlines and Airports to comply with Criminal History Record Check (CHRC) requirements for airlines and airports inside and outside of the airline gates and airport baggage claim areas. If screenings were tougher, perhaps baggage claim shooters and airplane crashers would never have access to an airport or an airplane because they would be locked up. Where does vetting need to start? In airport parking garage entrances using face identification?

Currently, some but not all airports have to comply with all TSA CHRC regulations that includes fingerprinting as a biometric background check modality. It is alarming that not all airports and airlines are required to use some form of unique identification as a form of vetting out bad actors all to happy to exploit American weaknesses.

Here is a list of airports and airlines that must comply with TSA CHRC fingerprint biometric requirements:

(1) Commercial airlines that have a maximum take-off weight greater than 12,500 pounds;

(2) All individuals who have unescorted access to Secure identification Display Areas (SIDA);

(3) All individuals who perform screening functions for passengers, checked baggage and cargo

(4) Anyone in a standard TSA Security Program

I can't tell you how many airports that I personally have contacted that have told me that they don't need to submit fingerprints for their badged employees for one reason or another, which leads me to believe that no one is being vetted in terms of CHRCs at these airports. This too is ALARMING! These airports are typically smaller airports, but not always the smallest by any means. The sites not doing a fingerprint based CHRC have some TSA condition that exempts them from submitting a fingerprint based CHRC. I really don't understand why. Do they think they are insulated by their own best practices from terrorists infiltrating their non-vetted airport?

Another alarming vetting situation is when larger airports use antiquated paper-based methods for granting access to gated areas. This is really unacceptable in this day and age of electronic and biometric access control. I can't help but wonder if HSS is still using this paper-based method at the Denver International Airport! (Just look at doors off the left or right of a gate to see if there is still an HSS employee sitting on a stool with a clipboard with paper-based logging.) I approached HSS on this and couldn't get them to return my phone call! Yep, I'm calling you out on this HSS!

If the recent baggage claim shooting incident in Florida doesn't offer enough evidence that airports need to beef up security more, then perhaps some of these reports will:



If you represent and airport, airline or airplane owner or instruction site that does no biometric vetting, please contact me to discuss options that would help you or your location/group/school or airline operate more securely. I'm always happy to help you.

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