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Why Fingerprinting-as-a-Service for Firearms Dealers Makes Cents

It's inevitable. Individual members of gun trusts who plan to purchase NFA controlled firearms will be required to be fingerprinted in accordance with ATF Rule 41F, which goes into affect TODAY.

While the idea of fingerprinting and background screening sounds intrusive and a burden to firearms customers, firearms dealers have an opportunity to serve their customers in yet another important way to alleviate some of the angst firearms customers are feeling right now.

By providing fingerprinting-as-a-service, firearms dealers enable their customers to be fingerprinted in a private location without long wait times. The alternative would be to go to the local PD or to a private fingerprinting service provider. The questions to firearms customers would be: Where do you want to be fingerprinted and would you prefer to give your money for the fingerprinting fee to (1) the local PD, (2) a private fingerprinting service provider or (3) to your favorite gun store owner? I'm guessing you would chose option (3), so it makes financial sense for firearms dealers to provide fingerprinting services.

To firearms dealers, if you'd rather not deal with ink and card, livescan is your only option and with the right configuration will serve your customers needs in a way that your local PD or private fingerprinting service provider cannot.

If you don't know where to start in terms of finding a solution that will meet your needs in terms of functionality and budget, we can help you. We can show you a business model that will help you pay for your system and create an additional revenue stream for you while at the same time providing you with another valuable service to your customers. Give us a call today. We are happy to help you navigate the process. 303.456.2514


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