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The Nevada Department of Public Safety Approves FingerPRO ID as a Livescan Fingerprinting Option in

We worked diligently with the nice folks at Elko Police Department (customer) and Nevada Department of Public Safety (submission authority) to get our system certified in Nevada. As a result, FingerPRO ID can now be used to submit civil applicant (NFUF and FAUF) and law enforcement applicant (MAP) Types of Transactions (TOTs) electronically to the NDPS making it possible to significantly reduce response times and cost of fingerprinting.

Download our FingerPRO ID datasheet to learn more about this livescan system. If you have questions about this technology, give us a call at 303.456.2514. We are authorities on livescan fingerprinting solutions and are always happy to help you.

#livescanfingerprintingNevada #Nevadafingerprinting

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