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5 Reasons Why Public Housing Authorities Should Consider Fingerprinting Applicants

Public Housing Authorities (PHAs) hold the keys to housing for many applicants in need of assistance, yet the criteria for granting access to these applicants can often times be erroneous, which impacts the safety of the community and funding available to the PHA to assist individuals and families in need.

Here are 5 reasons why fingerprinting is a good idea for PHAs and Applicants:

(1) Federal criminal background checks that utilize fingerprints as part of the screening process are more accurate than name-, DOB- and SSN-based background checks. While this can help prevent the wrong people from progressing through the application process, it can also make candidates that would be a good fit aware of any erroneous information in their personal FBI record that may prevent them from progressing through the application process for housing and employment.

(2) When individuals understand that they will be fingerprinted, they are less likely to provide false information much less even apply, which may make communities safer if more accurate information can prevent those prone to commit undesirable behaviors, such as violence and theft, from applying using false information.

(3) The information provided by a fingerprint background check can provide a rehabiliative path for individuals who may not qualify for housing assistance now, but could qualify in the future if they know what rehabilitative steps they need to take to qualify.

(4) The qualification process can be expedited if fingerprinting is done on the front-end of the process rather than as a last resort. Those that pass the fingerprint background check can be rewarded with a fast-tracked application process. Those that don't pass the fingerprint background check could be enrolled into a rehabilitative process (if they qualify) so that they can receive housing assistance in the future. It's a much kinder process, inviting those who don't bother even trying because they think they won't qualify, to apply and see if they would qualify whether it be now or in the future.

(5) The cost of screening goes down, while the quality of applicants being accepted and helped goes up. A better process with happier and safer communities can translate into better PHAS scores and better funding opportunities.

WOVOIS invites PHAs to contact us to learn more about the fingerprinting process and how they can incorporate this into their application process.

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