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FingerSCAN S3 Update

Great News! We’ve taken notice of your wish list and have updated FingerSCAN S3 to improve your experience with this app. This is what is new:

  • Added support for Secure File Transfer Protocol (SFTP). This was a request from our local Bureau of Investigation. There was some concern about sending Personally Identifiable Information (PII) through email on Android devices, but we were told FTP would be acceptable if the files are transmitted over SFTP. You will notice on the CONFIG page that there are new fields to add SFTP server information. You would need to get this information from your IT person.

  • Added Meta Data to fingerprint images. This eliminates guesswork and gives you a better, more certain way to associate your images with the person you captured the images from.

  • Fixed the data field names not showing up. For some reason, on some devices the data field names did not show up in the input fields leaving you to guess what information should go in those fields if you didn’t read the user manual. We’ve updated the design to hard code the labels on screen so that those labels show up on all Android devices.

How to Get the Update

  • Just visit the Google Play Store on your device and run a search for FingerSCAN S3. Click on the link and then click UPDATE.

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