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Fingerprinting Made Easy for Medical Examiners & Coroners

FingerSCAN S3 was designed for coroners and medical examiners that need a simple, low cost way to improve the way they currently identify decedents.

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Most coroners and medical examiners struggle with capturing good quality fingerprint images from decedents for identification, record keeping and legal purposes. Lets face it, ink fingerprinting is problematic due to the physical state of the person being fingerprinted. Compound that with an inferior fingerprinting process and you have an expensive process that has a high error rate.

Many coroners and medical examiners consider livescan systems or proprietary handheld devices as a means to capture electronic fingerprints. The problem with livescan is that the scanners are typically costly, bulky and tethered to a desktop or laptop computer, making it difficult still to apply decendent fingerprints to the scanner. The handheld devices are just plain expensive and may offer more functionality than the coroner or medical examiner needs.

FingerSCAN S3 solves these problems.

FingerSCAN S3 is a mobile solution that enables medical examiners and coroners to quickly capture up to ten fingerprint images from decedent subjects located inside or even outside the exam room and then share those images with a remote identification unit and/or import those images into reports.


  • The workflow process of this app was designed for efficiency making it very easy and quick to scan up to 10 fingerprint images in under 1 minute and there are three fields that can be used to enter additional data, such as name (if known), case #, file #, caseworker etc.

  • The app can be configured to email or transmit the fingerprint record over SFTP to a remote server. The fingerprint record includes meta data with each image with date/timestamp.

  • FingerSCAN S3 is a mobile application that runs on most Android devices. Android was chosen because the devices are generally less expensive than Apple devices and since it is a commercial off-the-shelf device, coroners and medical examiners can BYOD (bring your own device) making it further possible to reduce the investment in technology.

  • FingerSCAN S3 works with the Integrated Biometrics Watson Mini fingerprint scanner with patented Light Emitting Sensor technology. This scanner was chosen for its superior image quality when comparing images captured from decedents using other types of sensor technology (capacitive and optical). The Watson Mini also has a larger sensor area (FBI rated FAP45) than most more expensive proprietary sled devices. The larger sensor area ensures the capture of maximum minutiae points for better identification results. This scanner works well in almost any environment where other sensors fail.

  • The small size of the fingerprint scanner with 5 foot cable keeps the footprint of the scanning device small and flexible so that it is easy to position decedent fingers on the scanner.


  • Improved identification ability.

  • Faster workflow process for capturing and sharing fingerprint images - more subjects can be processed in less time.

  • Eliminates mess associated with ink fingerprinting

  • Enables coroners and medical examiners to better comply with state statutes


  • Legal protection. Enables coroners to track decedents through cremation process with time/date/location information attached to fingerprint record.

FingerSCAN S3 was developed by WoVo Identity Solutions. The app can be downloaded from the GooglePlay store. Solution bundles can also be purchased through WoVoIS' online store. Visit our YouTube Channel to see product demos.

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