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Warning! FBI IAFIS Approved Doesn't Always Mean You Can Use It!

You've found an FBI IAFIS Approved livescan fingerprinting device, but does that mean you can use it for your livescan fingerprinting purposes in your state?


All too often I hear from people who are interested in starting a livescan fingerprinting business in their state and who's selection is guided by their state Department of Justice (state police, bureau of investigation, etc) to select a livescan fingerprinting system from the FBI IAFIS Approved product list. These individuals are often unintentionally misled to think that is all that is needed and are gravely disappointed when they buy an FBI IAFIS Approved tenprint scanner only to find out that they can't use it for submitting fingerprint records to their state DOJ (usually for civil applicant types of transactions).

The truth is, selecting a livescan fingerprinting "system" from the FBI IAFIS Approved product list is the first step. If you plan to conduct livescan fingeprinting for the purposes of submitting fingeprint records to your state DOJ, you will need to check with your state DOJ to find out which livescan fingerprinting systems have been certified in your state. If you are not submitting to your state DOJ, the additional requirement does not apply except for the fact that the system you choose from the FBI IAFIS Approved Product List, should have been tested with one or more other channels (FBI, OPM, SWFT, TSC, etc.).

States that have some of the most stringent requirements in addition to FBI requirements include Illinois, Florida and California. For these states, it is important to get a list of vendors who's livescan fingerprinting systems have been certified in your state. Here are links to additional information for these states:

Many other states have fewer restrictions and offer more options to private busineses that are interested in either starting a livescan fingerprinting service or livescan fingerprinting their own employees. Furthermore, there are many other channels through which livescan fingerprinting records may be submitted it you aren't required to submit fingerprint records to your state DOJ.

WoVoIS is an expert in livescan fingerprinting technology and submission channel requirements. We can help you navigate the "gotchas" so that you don't end up buying a product that you can't use. Contact Us today for help.

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