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Livescan for Airports

Many airport authorities conduct fingerprinting of individuals to meet transportation security badging requirements. While most large airports have implemented a livescan fingerprinting program, many smaller airports are still conducting ink fingerprinting.

Now any airport authority can submit fingerprints electronically through the Transportation Security Clearinghouse (TSC) using economically-priced livescan systems - something WoVoIS offers. The TSC supports Aviation Worker Vetting programs including: general aviation crews operating aircraft over 12,500 pounds, general aviation crews and the aviation security officers flying into Washington Reagan National Airport, commercial charter pilots, pilots who participate in the Maryland Three Program, foreign applicants under the Alien Flight School Program, contract screeners at private airports, federal transportation security officers and air marshals and TSA transportation security officers.

WoVo Identity Solutions can offer low cost livescan systems to airports and airlines that would like to expedite their fingerprinting process and reduce overall cost through electronic fingerprinting and submission to the TSC. This system includes livescan hardware, software and services. The livescan software is integrated with the Suprema RealScan G10 tenprint scanner. For system pricing, please contact WoVoIS at 303.456.2514 or complete our online form to submit your inquiry.

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