6 Fingerprint Submission Channels

August 1, 2014

With the fingerprinting trend moving toward electronic submission, it is helpful to know what the different channels are through which fingerprints can be submitted. Here is a list of 6 channels. This is not an exhaustive list as new channels seem to pop up from time to time. Give me a call if you'd like to discuss any of these channels.


  • SWFT - SWFT stands for Secure Web Fingerprint Transmission and is a channel through which DoD contractors must use to submit electronic fingerprint records. Here is a link to more SWFT Fingerprinting Information.


  • OPM - OPM stands for Office of Personnel Management and is a channel through which military agencies must submit electronic fingerprint records. Here is a link to more OPM Fingerprinting Information.


  • DoJ - DoJ stands for Department of Justice and is a channel through which most civil applicant fingerprint records must be submitted. Each state has its own live scan  equipment certification requirements and some states have provided exclusive applicant screening contracts to MorphoTrust, which limits what commercial fingerprinting companies can offer in terms of fingerprinting services. Most states require commercial fingerprinting companies to transfer the electronic prints to an FD 258 card (print-to-card) because they are not equipped to handle electronic submission from non-DoJ entities. For these reasons, it is important to know what your state requirements are before purchasing live scan equipment. 


  • FBI - FBI stands for Federal Bureau of Investigation and is a channel through which departmental order and other types of non-DoJ fingerprint transactions must be submitted. These transactions can be submitted electronically by commercial  organizations through an FBI-approved Channeler. Here is a link to a list of FBI Channeler Transactions. Note: each state is different in that some states support some of these transactions.


  • AHCA - AHCA stands for American Healthcare Association and is a channel through which Florida healthcare workers can submit electronic fingerprint records. Here is a link to more AHCA Fingerprinting Information.


  • FINRA - FINRA stands for Financial Industry Regulatory Agency and is a channel through which electronic fingerprint or FD 258 cards are transmitted for members involved in trading securities (brokers). Here is a link to more FINRA Fingerprinting Information.


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