10 Questions You Need to Answer Before Buying a Livescan System

You have been tasked with going out and finding a livescan product, but what really does that mean?

I can tell you one thing, it most certainly does not mean that you can buy a livescan fingerprint scanner and believe you have purchased a complete solution. This is often a common mistake people make when visiting a biometric supplier website and landing on the devices page. What you need is a solution and not any solution will do.

Here are some common questions to which you should have answers prior to purchasing a livescan system:

  1. Are you an end-user or a fingerprinting service provider?

  2. If end-user, are you a DoD contractor or military agency?

  3. If not a DoD contractor or military agency, what type of business, organization or agency do you represent?

  4. What state are you located in?

  5. If submitting electronically, do you know which channel you will need to submit fingerprint records to? If yes, which ones? (SWFT, OPM, FBI< AHCA, FINRA, Other)

  6. How many people on average will you fingerprint per year?

  7. Will you need to take your fingerprinting system on the road (mobile)?

  8. Are you prepared to spend between $4000 and $20,000 for a complete system?

  9. Will your location allow remote connection for troubleshooting purposes?

  10. Will you require on-site installation and training?

Many individuals who are interested in starting a livescan business are unsure of how to start their business, much less what they need to purchase to get up and running. For these types of businesses, you will typically need to purchase a system that provides the a