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Livescan Fingerprinting Best Practices Training


If your agency or team is still receiving rejections after implementing a livescan fingerprinting system and receiving training from your vendor, your team may benefit from Livescan Fingerprinting Best Practices Training. Our professional trainer is also experienced in change management to help your ink fingerprinting experts transition to digital fingerprinting. We can help your team no matter which livescan system you have purchased and no matter how frustrated your team is.


  • Online Train-the-Trainer -  $250

  • Onsite Training - $800/day + travel fees (6 people per session)


Course Instruction

  • Change Management - Acknowledging the Art-form (ink and digital)

  • Compliance - Securing Personally Identifiable Information (PII)

  • FBI Fingerprinting Standards

  • Fingerprinting Best Practices - How to Eliminate Rejections

  • Student Practice

  • Fingerprinting Best Practices Test

  • Fingerprinting Best Practices Certificate

Contact Us for a price quote and to schedule your training.

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